AMP Camp

What's Included?

Luxury fitness boot camp in Spain

So what is a day like on camp?

After our guests have woken up and are ready for another fun packed day. We firstly get all the children around the breakfast table for their breakfast, made and prepared by our in house chefs. Ranging from bacon sarnies, cereal or pancakes, normally a favourite amongst our Ampcamp kids, we make sure the children are fuelled for the day ahead. This is a great way to keep the children bonded as a team.

Whilst the team keep the children entertained the adults get a chance to have their breakfast and we discuss the days activities ahead and what we will need in our Ampcamp bags. Once water bottles are filled it's time to load the families into the minibuses and head off out on one of our excursions, which could be:

A visit to The Animal parks, Tenerife has a few to choose from and Jungle Park is a firm favourite amongst Campers. These are great for the children that have a big interest and knowledge in animals. With regular animal shows too enjoy too. Don't forget you're tub of animal food.

A visit to one of the water parks the island has to offer, Siam park is obviously well known but a lot more enjoyable for our trips is Aqualand. This is a great chance for our Ampcamp kids to have fun and let themselves be proud of their limb differences. Don't forget you're towel.

Throughout the week we will hold a sports day at Tenerife top training. In association with the Steven Gerrard acamedy the team brings to you a selection of fun and competitive games that will have the kids running some energy off in the sunshine. Great the sporty and competitive Ampcamp kids. Don't forget your PE kit.

Boat trips are another firm favourite within camp and with all that sea around the island, why not! We take the families out on the very best catamaran in Puerto Colon. With a great English speaking guide, Oliver gives us the facts and information of what we can find and see on the trip. Towards the end of the trip wild swimming and diving is encouraged and there's beds for the ones that don't have sea legs. Don't forget you're binoculars.

Beach day is always eagerly anticipated for staff and families, the team like to give mum and dad some downtime on the beach while we play games in the sea. Parents could choose to take a walk and give themselves a break from parenting or simply chill with one of the islands top beach walking cocktail makers. A local artist will normally join us and encourage the children to make finds, shells and stones to make artwork together back at the villa. Don't forget your bucket and spade.

Coupled with horse riding, ten pin bowling, trips to the arcades, crazy golf, visits to the local markets for some holiday bargains and souvenirs we can assure you there is going to be enough in the itinerary to keep you busy the whole week. We also look to put together adult excursions for the ones happy to leave their children for a few hours with our team.

After a fun packed day it is time to return to the villa, with a little playtime before the children are all called to the dinner table, giving them great bonding time at the dinner talking about the highlights of their day, mum and dad can then get ready for their evening meal spending a bit of time together, taking those all important mirror selfies in the knowledge the kids are being looked after downstairs. Once the children are tidied away, the team interacts and play games with the children out on the lawn are by the pool, mum and dad can then have their meal, as the sun sets over the villa.

And we all get ready for another day at Ampcamp Kids.